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Welcome Pages with Skyline

Welcome Pages with Skyline – tell a story

Did you know?


ePrint recently released Skyline 6.9.7. This latest version of the software introduced several new features, developed in consultation with our customers and driven by user feedback on how Skyline can continue to address the challenges and opportunities for in plant print rooms today.


One of the new features which has been welcomed is the ability for Skyline administrators to now create and edit welcome pages for the front-end of their Skyline Storefront. This is a valuable tool for greeting new/unregistered users and converting visits into print volume.


Creation of welcome pages is a very simple process; by simply turning on the configuration setting in their Storefront, the Skyline Administrator creates a page which appears when you click on the Print Room URL. This page then sits in front of the log-in page and can be branded and edited. Unlike the Skyline ‘Home’ screen which has a number of required fields, on a landing page you have complete freedom to create your own look.


So why is a Welcome Page a good idea?


Imagine this scenario. Perhaps you recognise it? Following the launch of their Skyline Storefront our many Print Room customers have found that users are quick to adopt the service, finding it an easy route to print. After a successful launch attention then turns to how to build upon this solid foundation and recruit more users?


There are a few strategies that should be discussed at this point. Two key areas to consider are 1) how do you recruit new users who have not yet been converted to your Skyline Service and 2) how do you encourage those users who already use your service to order bigger and better?


Once again. there are different stratagems that could be introduced. However, a good Welcome Page for your Storefront can be a powerful and critical tool for Print Rooms looking to achieve these goals.


Recruit those waverers?


According to Marketing Metrics, if a customer has previously made a purchase from your company, there is at least a 60 percent chance that the customer will make another purchase. Meanwhile, if a new visitor clicks on your site, the chances of that person becoming a paying customer are only 20 percent at the most.


Being confronted by a log-in page can be a key barrier when trying to convert new users to your service. Clearly there are benefits to registration. It allows you to build relationships, offers ease of repeat purchases, quicker checkout and personal order histories and libraries. However, many potential users can be put off before they even start by concerns such as whether your Storefront is their best route to print, how long it will take to register, what information will be required and even by another password to remember!


Skyline Welcome Pages enable you to introduce your Print Room, service and products before a visitor is required to either register for, or log-in to, your Storefront. This removes the key barrier of ‘registration doubt’ and can reduce abandonment by those uncertain if you will offer what they require.


A welcome page can also include messages or FAQs that address these types of concerns and helps you persuade your new user over the final hurdle. Once you have captured their interest it is then a simple click to register before taking them to the actual Storefront of products and libraries.



How about encouraging users to order bigger and better?


You’ve heard it time and time again. It’s cheaper to get current customers to make a repeat purchase than it is to find new customers. When was the last time you made an effort to re-engage customers with all the print possibilities?


For those users for whom you have already become a destination for print orders. You now want to become ‘THE’ point of contact for ideas and advice on all things print. Print Rooms know print, their knowledge is much greater than the majority of their users. They are in a unique position to encourage add-on purchases. Consider do your customers know the latest trends in print orders, the latest developments in print products or the best formats or finishes to achieve a stand out design?


The Welcome Page is extremely flexible and there are many objects that can be added to the design of your page from sliders/rotators, message boxes, example products, information text and images. Print Rooms can use the Welcome Page to showcase their expertise and highlight innovative ideas.


It’s merchandising for your Storefront. Make it clear, bold and to the point. Think is it directional, informational and/or promotional.


To speak to the ePrint team about configuring your new Skyline Welcome Page call us on 01438 726 732.


ePrint Admin