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It’s when things go wrong that the weak links in a chain become self-evident. When that weak link is part of your student Safeguarding processes the consequences can be serious and far reaching

And yet, most such processes are paper driven, dependent on the completion of a form, reliant on old fashioned and insecure filing systems and, if the need arises, many hours spent recovering requested information for review and/or enquiry

Skyline-Halo offers piece of mind that, if the need arises, the relevant information is instantly available, that trends are evident, that the school, college or University environment is safe for students and reassuring for parents. 

All designated staff members can immediately report any concerns via the simple to use phone app. Pre-set incident types, not limited to Safeguarding needs, such as Health and Safety, Medical or suspicious activity make the process fast and accurate.

Simple solutions to Complex problems

As a supplier of Skyline web services to education, government and corporate organisations for twenty years we understand that solutions only work if they can be easily used and understood.  Simple solutions for Complex problems remains guiding principle.