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Over the past few years there has been massive change in the way people work, and the commute to a large central office is, for many, a thing of the past.

This change is driving organisations to look towards cloud services  to provide the resources upon which their employees depend. When these changes occur the implications for the management of printer facilities must be considered to create a desktop print service no matter where users are located.

To enable fast and reliable cloud based printing in such complex environments, IT has to overcome many issues. They include new printer and driver installations, printer management and driver updates, printer mapping, and securing sensitive data as the print data stream makes its journey from the user device to printer across the Cloud.

Infinity eliminates the need to install client software on user devices enabling clientless or zero client printing. The all-client capability promotes secure, reliable and fast printing no matter where users are working across the Cloud.

• Allows centralized printer management and remote deployment
• Provides end-to-end print data protection
• Eliminates printer driver incompatibilities
• Supports thin and thick, local and remote clients connecting to Citrix
• Compressed PDF files, reducing bandwidth consumption by over 90%
• Enables consistently fast and reliable remote printing
• Enables clientless printing to networked printers