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Power to the print room

We are delighted to announce a major upgrade to the popular Skyline web to print production PrintStation which now provides MIS type capability for many organisations. The new layout and controls present key information about the order to the Overview tab and allow changes to both order and costs to be easily accomplished.

• Searching for an order. This will search any (configurable) field and enable you to scroll to each matching document
• Faster refresh
• Configurable pop-up notification window can alert you of any new jobs.
• Edit the job details and save the changes back to the server.
• Re-calculate the price of a job if any changes have been made
• Customer notes are now displayed on the overview page
• Options highlighted if no longer available after an order is placed.
• If you scroll away from a job there is a new “return” control
• Print a custom form with details from the order from the overview tab
• The Details tab shows the account information and the Custom Document Options fields, and contains a Staff Notes text field where you can make internal notes about a job that are only visible to other PrintStation operators.
• History tab shows all changes made to the order, and status changes
• The original User job ticket remains available on the Original tab

Plus, a new and improved Search facility has returned to the Libraries page, that allows users to search for documents in any of their libraries or catalogues shared to them. The Search will find documents by title and description and users can place an order directly from the search results.

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