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Launching your Storefront gives you a fresh chance to promote your print room services across your organisation. Skyline provides a means to communicate quickly and effectively with your target audience.


Design your Storefront

The design of the Storefront plays an essential role in encouraging Users to explore the web page and, in general, will match the corporate style providing reassurance and familiarity for the visitor. Primary pages for customisation are the ‘Login Page’, and the ‘Home Page’ as these are the most visited areas. Styles (Colours, Layouts) and Content (Text, Photo, Video) can be added to a site to enhance the User visit or direct the User to a specific action. All Tabs, including Custom Tabs, can be updated, modified and refreshed.


Add additional Storefronts as business grows, each with a specific look for its target audiences. The Storefront’s integral editor allows you to easily keep information up to date.


Storefront Design and Management Services

We can help you utilise your organisations brand, or develop your own, to build on this important new asset. Whether it is creating a look for your Storefront or regular support with content update. Take a look below at some of the designs we have created for our customers.


Promote your Storefront

We often get asked about how users will adapt to a new way of submitting printer orders. In our experience users like the path of least resistance. Your Skyline Storefront makes their life easier, so make sure you shout it from the roof tops!


Some Top Tips

  • Do your users know where to find you? Be accessible and make sure the link to Skyline is visible on desktop screens throughout your organisation.
  • Make an occasion of your new service. Organise a launch day. Invite users to come and trial the software. Focus on the benefits rather than technical features.
  • Schedule visits to departments. You may be surprised at how many users just need someone to show them how easy it is.
  • Launch a direct mail campaign, send an email blast, publish a newsletter, post it on social media, and even put it on your invoice footer.
  • Speak to us about other great promotion ideas.