Increase print volume with Web-to-Print

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Increase print volume with Web-to-Print

Increase print volume with Web-to-Print

A common objective when implementing a Web-to-Print service is to increase print volume; through the recruitment of new users, repeat business or reclamation of those lost to other print providers.


It’s not an unreasonable aim and the evidence shows that it can be achieved with the right approach. But what is the right approach? We have been reflecting on those Skyline Web-to-Print customers who have had great success in raising print volume and here are some of the common themes.


Make your storefront welcoming. Don’t scare the customer away.


Scary versus welcoming Skyline StorefrontSounds obvious, but a complex, busy and disjointed Storefront can prove off-putting to the user who is either in a hurry or new to the system.  Remember to consider the look and feel of the Skyline Storefront. We usually recommend continuity with the company’s website/brand. Most of Skyline Web-to-Print Print Rooms are in-plant operations where users are employees of the organisation. However tempting it may be to go for an individual stylised look, have foremost in your mind that your users are primarily looking for reassurance that they are in the right place, and that their print order has been successfully and correctly submitted. This approach does not mean you cannot add your own personal messages and touches; a well thought through Skyline Storefront is welcoming, reassuring and informative.

simplify workflow


Skyline Handy Tip Alert

Take time initially to think through how to present your products and services.  Make sure when creating your product and services that you utilise Skyline’s pre-set settings. Often your users are in a hurry and Skyline Web-to-Print enables you to be the straightforward route to print. It is wise therefore to avoid creating dozens of options which the user must navigate. A multitude of unnecessary drop-down lists can be a real turn off!


Now you created an accessible environment for the user, how do you keep them coming back?


offer speed of serviceSuccessful Skyline Web-to-Print implementations also understand the requirement to ensure you pass the speed of print workflow that Web-to-Print delivers on to your users. Implementing a system and then expecting users to accept a 3 – 5 day turnaround on print orders misses an opportunity offered by the system. Users need to recognise the benefit to them of choosing to order print through you and a unique selling point can be that the user gets their print quickly.


Skyline Web-to-Print ensures that all print orders streamlined through the Skyline system arrive with the information needed for production and fit for print; avoiding the need to waste time rechecking print requirements or ensuring orders are print ready. Many Print Rooms using Skyline are moving jobs onto the printers within the hour. Unsurprisingly these Print Rooms are finding the customers keep coming back and furthermore pass the message on. Word-of-mouth is powerful free marketing!


Another key feature of Web-to-Print which successful Print Rooms maximise is the ability to easily keep the user informed on the progress of their order. This doesn’t mean that you need bombard the user with emails on each stage of production. However, a notification informing the user that their job is in production and has been despatched is something that all users appreciate and often now expect from an online experience.


In conclusion, Web-to-Print gives you all the features you need to ensure you can offer a fast, reassuring and simple-to-use service. ePrint works hard to ensure that using Skyline and exploiting these tools is an easy process in itself. Put yourself in your user’s shoes. What do you expect when you do business online? Ordering print should be no different.


If you are already a Skyline customer take a moment to reflect on whether you are making the most of your investment. If you feel you could do things differently, we are always happy to chat about any ideas, questions or concerns you may have and support you with maximising the opportunities. If you don’t yet have Skyline, what are you waiting for! Call us today.

Chris Camp

Chris is Managing Director of ePrint direct, creators and developers of Skyline, a comprehensive print direction, web-to-print and publishing solution. Chris has over 20 years’ experience in the print sector, working with global industry partners and with customers based around the world and across a number of industries, including education, government and commercial.