Have your technology cake and eat it too!

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Have your technology cake and eat it too!

Recently, with the UK amid Brexit, there has been much discussion of being able to ‘have our cake and eat it too’. Whilst others say we must make choices between options that cannot be reconciled, it isn’t always the case that a trade-off is required. It is possible to have two good things at the same time, or to coin another idiom, ‘why cut off your nose to spite your face’?



Change is an inevitable fact of life. Print Rooms will evolve. You may wish to invest in new technology, work with different suppliers, provide different services or restructure.


If as a Skyline user you have implemented the Skyline system to streamline work to the print room, built branded and flexible Storefronts to communicate with your users, trained your team, are growing your workflow and generating useful management reports; you do not want to wave goodbye to that advantage the moment change comes knocking.


Remember, as a non-proprietary solution Skyline is not tied to any specific vendor. In fact, we work with a number of industry leading global partners and this means, whichever hardware or software you choose to invest in, Skyline delivers the consistent infrastructure to underpin and support your Print Room developments.


Think of the massive financial savings you make by avoiding the need to go through the process of introducing new Web-to-Print solutions every time you introduce new technology. By using Skyline your investment is far-reaching and future proof.


If you are looking to make changes in software or equipment, call ePrint to check how we can support that process. We might just save you money whilst your enjoying your cake!

Chris Camp

Chris is Managing Director of ePrint direct, creators and developers of Skyline, a comprehensive print direction, web-to-print and publishing solution. Chris has over 20 years’ experience in the print sector, working with global industry partners and with customers based around the world and across a number of industries, including education, government and commercial.