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The future of document creation within Skyline

We recently announced that from 1st February 2018 TemplateManager will no longer be available for download. ePrint will instead focus development on its replacement Skyline Publish.


TemplateManager was designed for basic variable documents and, while popular for its simplicity, over the years we have been asked to address the need for greater sophistication. Skyline Publish has been developed to deliver the level of advanced document personalisation that supports the extension of print room services and products. TemplateManager focused on business cards and comp. slips. Skyline Publish opens up the opportunity for dynamic forms, magazines and 3D models.  Business Cards are one of the common documents created by our current users of TemplateManager. Let’s look at how business card creation works in Skyline Publish.


Step 1

Skyline Publish presents the user with a view of both sides of the business card.


kyline Publish Business Card Step 1


Step 2

The editable fields are presented on the left of the screen. Text can be placed on the back or front of the business card. Whilst TemplateManager required you to create a proof view of the business card before making changes, in Skyline Publish Users can edit in real-time by entering free text or selecting from drop-down options.


Drop-down options can be predefined by the print room/brand guidelines. User’s edits can be checked and validated.


Skyline Publish Business Card Step 2


Step 3

Unlike TemplateManager, Skyline Publish can be programmed with conditional logic. In our example above, the User wants to enter a lot of data in the ‘Reverse Text field’ which appears on the back of the business card. The text is truncated as it is too long for the space allocated. Skyline Publish has been instructed to automatically reduce the point size of the text. This means text can be specifically altered to fit the allocated space, as demonstrated in our example below.


Skyline Publish Business Cars Step 3


Step 4

Skyline Publish has advanced creative tools. Publish allows the User to change colours, images, logos, shapes, orientations and fonts to a much greater extent than TemplateManager. The print room have full control to offer approved options, so Users can select their preferred version of their business card.


Skyline Publish Business Card Step 5In our example below, we have opted to change an image. Users simply select their preferred image by using the pull down options for ‘Card Reverse’.



Skyline Publish Business Card Step 4


We are very excited about the future of document creation within Skyline and hope you are too! If any current Skyline Users  wish to discuss the transition process from TemplateManager, please contact ePrint. To arrange a full demonstration of Skyline Publish, please contact ePrint.

Chris Camp

Chris is Managing Director of ePrint direct, creators and developers of Skyline, a comprehensive print direction, web-to-print and publishing solution. Chris has over 20 years’ experience in the print sector, working with global industry partners and with customers based around the world and across a number of industries, including education, government and commercial.