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Cloud on the Skyline

Over the past few years there has been massive change in the way people work, and the commute to a large central office is, for many, a thing of the past. Home working, small regional offices and allowing staff to use their own devices is increasingly the norm, and it seems the large HQ buildings that have been so much part of corporate life struggle to find tenants, many of them being converted into domestic accommodation.


This change is driving organisations to look towards cloud services such as Microsoft Azure and Office 365 to provide the resources upon which their employees depend. When these changes occur the implications for the management of cloud print services may not be at the forefront of planning so it’s interesting to see examples from organisations such as Brentwood Borough Council who recognised at an early stage the need to create a desktop print service no matter where users are located.


“We were putting the power back into the business departments who were saying, ‘We want to work like this.’” But that kind of change involved more than simply desktops and laptops. Brentwood Borough Council also had to consider the impact on managed print services across the organisation.”
Tim Huggins, ICT Manager at Brentwood Borough Council


It is my impression that while much has been written about the cloud, mid-size organisations have been slow to adopt the approach, preferring the familiarity of in plant resources. Maybe it’s the inbuilt conservatism of organisations, but the heavy promotion of services such as Azure and a clearer understanding of the charges, which in the past seemed to me to be master pieces of obscurity, seem to have finally tipped the balance and now the move to the cloud will really accelerate.


So, if you are responsible for your organisations printer fleet and production and you see Clouds on the Skyline, be sure to take a look at Infinity.

Chris Camp

Chris is Managing Director of ePrint direct, creators and developers of Skyline, a comprehensive print direction, web-to-print and publishing solution. Chris has over 20 years’ experience in the print sector, working with global industry partners and with customers based around the world and across a number of industries, including education, government and commercial.

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